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We understand that everyone wants to make a difference, but finding the time to make a real impact is almost impossible. Which is why we created the World Changer Program, so companies like yours can make a global impact, implement a successful CSR program, and still focus on what you do best! Here you will learn about everything included in you World Changer package. 

What you get


  • World Changer Logo: The World Changer brand logo to proudly display on your website, letterheads, event banners, or anywhere you feel like shouting that you’re changing the world!

  • Website: A website for you to share with your customers and employees that tracks in real-time the impact you’re making in the village your company adopted! Share your World Changer website with customers and employees and celebrate the good you’re doing!

  • Press-release: We will create a press release to be shared through our network and advertised with our Public relations team. Feel free to share to your network as well!

  • Video: A video showcasing the story of your village.

  • Photos: Pictures taken by our team in your village! 

  • Posters: We provide you with 3 beautiful posters to display in your office that help remind employees that their company's morals align with their own. 

  • Impact stories: We will provide you with stories from actual people in your village. Learn about their daily life, and their dreams! 

  • Social Media Graphics and Best Practices: We will provide you with graphics, hashtags, and images for you to use on your social media channels.

  • Newsletters: Premade with updates for you to share with employees and customers.

  • Support: If you have an event or need ideas for promoting your World Changer brand, we have a team that is ready to help!

  • Brochure: A brochure with all the information about how your company is making a global impact and how! We give you copies to give out to employees or events. 

How the program works

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