How Much Does the Program Cost?

World Changer Costs 

The program could potentially be FREE for your business. As an accredited charity, you can take advantage of tax breaks due to your kind contribution. 

In short, the program costs $12,000. All $12k goes to your village. Wells of Life does not use any of the money for operations.

However, as a charity, we ask any business that is able to sponsor us by giving more than $12,000. Anything over goes to operations so that we can keep bridging the gap between giving people like you and the amazing, but vulnerable people of Uganda. Sponsorships are just as eligible for tax breaks as our CSR (World Changer) program. 

Price breakdown

Why $12,000? 

Drilling the Well

Clean water is now accessible just steps from villager's homes. Contaminated water is the #1 biggest challenge to sustainable-life in these rural villages. Access to clean water immediately changes a community. 

12-Month Sanitation and Hygiene Education

Our W.A.S.H. officers commit one year to each village, educating and certifying each and every home about sanitation and hygiene. Our officers also oversee the construction of latrines, to ensure that open-defecation no longer contaminates local sources. We also provide sanitation pads for girls, so they may continue their education without fear of female hygiene issues. 

Clean water and W.A.S.H. provide recognizable new hope and considerably reduces early mortality (death), especially in the villages young people, allowing school-age children to consistently attend school without being burdened with walking miles as a water carrier every day. 



Become a sponsor today!

Sponsorships could cost you nothing! Sponsorships are just as eligible for tax breaks as our CSR program! 

As a non-profit, we need sponsors like you to continue our mission to end the water crisis. Your sponsorship ensures that we have access to the best people and resources, and enables us to continue helping people like you transform lives. 

Sponsors are invited to events in their honor, networking socials, and more! To learn more about the benefits of being a sponsor, please contact the Director of Corporate Communications at

We thank you for everything you have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do. We at Wells of Life want you to know how grateful we are, and we look forward to ending the water crisis together. 

How the program works

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